With respect to financial sustainability, the I4C Africa Hub has been exploring alternative resource mobilization strategies, and is currently investigating the opportunities afforded by ‘Sharing-Economy’ approaches.

The hope is to set up an on-line platform for services and resources (whether financial, technical or material) to be offered and accessed by CSOs within the I4C constituency as well as by other stakeholders (service providers, donors, etc.) who may wish to engage with and support civic action through such a sharing

To this end, I4C Africa Hub enlisted Nottawasaga Institute (NI) to undertake research on opportunities and options for developing a ‘Sharing-Economy’ Platform for civil society in Africa that can build transparency and promote the financial sustainability of CSOs through exchanging crowdfunding services or other forms of resources sharing.

This report presents the findings of the study and recommendations for the next steps of the I4C Africa Hub.

Please click here to access the report.