About Us

Kinara for Youth Evolution is a youth-led grassroots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in mainland Tanzania and based in Chamwino Ward, Morogoro Municipal District. The organization was initially founded as the Morogoro Youth Development Initiative (MOYODEI) in September 2013, when twenty passionate youth gathered to discuss the common challenges they faced in their community. Their most critical challenges were a lack of reproductive health education, gender discrimination, and high employment rates. Kinara has since been established as an active, inclusive, and participatory organization responding to community needs aligning to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The work is organized into four integrated programs in Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender, Livelihoods, Education, and Citizen Data for Advocacy.


In 2018, I4C-Africa Hub hosted the Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) under three thematic areas: transparency, accountability, and Natural Resources Management. I4C-Africa Hub was looking for five organizations using innovation to bring about social impact in their communities across Africa’s sub-regions (East, South, North, and West, and Central Africa). The SIC also aimed to encourage these organizations to work together and develop innovative ways to bring about change through research, community activities, new technologies, apps, and training tools aligning with the thematic areas.

Kinara for Youth participated in the SIC by identifying and sharing knowledge on innovative solutions, tools, and responses from civil society organizations to a social issue (water service delivery) addressing the SIC’s three key thematic areas. Additionally, solutions addressed issues that:

  • had a negative social impact
  • affected a large number of people across the region
  • affected marginalized groups of people; and
  • were either technology, research, or advocacy-related and policy-relevant.

The organisation was one of the winners of the 2018 Social Innovation Challenge and received a USD10,000 grant to facilitate scaling up their water for life project under the citizen participation program.


Kinara’s Water for Life project is a joint partnership between the Morogoro Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA) to help reduce non-revenue water, increase water availability for customers, and improve citizen participation in government service provision. The scaling-up plan involved using the mWater application to improve water service delivery, essentially tackling water loss challenges and water service delivery quality. The app maps sites like water points and sanitation facilities and monitors them over time with mobile surveys. Community Change Agents report water pile leaks and other complaints to MORUWASA and conduct monthly household water availability surveys. Data (collected from 120 households from 10 wards) demonstrates improved service in the area due to the implementation of the project.

The approach also amplified citizens’ voices and empowered them to continue providing vital feedback about the challenges they may be facing. As consumers, their involvement will eventually lead to the sustenance and improvement of the service (also supported by the data).

Another component the team looked into was training in using the mWater application amongst community members to foster a sense of ownership and accountability on the part of citizens. They are starting to develop a culture of preserving various social service infrastructures in their communities including the water service.

Training on the mWater app will also lower costs of regularly engaging a consultant from the mWater organization to provide technical knowledge about the application and its functionality whenever the team encounters some challenges.

Scale-Up Achievements

Additional Five Wards

  • Five additional wards were identified through cooperation with MORUWASA by considering the growth in population and water infrastructure established in these wards. A high rate of leaks characterized the wards.

Complaint System

  • Kinara for Youth added a complaints system in this second phase, where household surveys and monthly meetings captured stakeholders’ opinions. This complaint includes billing issues, lack of water, water pressure, broken meters, service outages, and poor customer service, which were still common concerns for many MORUWASA customers. Therefore, this system has helped track complaints beyond water pipe leaks and improved accountability from MORUWASA to the customers.

Community Training on mWater App

  • MORUWASA, Community Education, and EWURA CCC conducted community education on the proper use and management of water infrastructure, water conservation, customers’ rights, and reporting water challenges in the fifteen wards around Morogoro Municipality. A total of 1,531 people were reached, and an additional 1,500 fliers were distributed to the community to educate the community.

Outcomes and Achievements
Since Kinara for Youth started implementing Phase Two of their Project from December 2020 to May 2021, the following positive changes have been reported in the community:

  • Through Community Change Agents (CCAs), the project has reported 484 leaks, among which MORUWASA plumbers and others have fixed 432 (89 percent success rate) leaks by local plumbers. Fixing leakages has enabled the community or customers to continue getting water services.
  • Water services have increased from 2.7 days to 3.8 days per week. The monthly household survey conducted in 15 wards has revealed this.
  • Kinara for youth has solved 101 various complaints from MORUWASA customers out of 129 complaints reported.
  • The relationship between citizens and MORUWASA has improved through their Community Change Agents (CCAs). The citizens have increasingly entrusted MORUWASA to solve their challenges on time and educate them about water issues.
  • The confidence in the community has increased as the CCAs in the community have been able to report leaks, complaints and other water challenges.